Content created in Vue Infinite unusable in Vue comple or lower ?


Hi guys !

Have you ever heard about incompatibility of the same release versions of Vue ???
ex. Vue 2014 Complete fails to read a materials created in Vue 2014 Infinite ?

I am trying to figure out why & when does it happen, as sometime Vue complete can read some simple materials, while it fails with others, and there is no explanation why - it just displayes " can’t read material" message, while Vue Infinite copes with the same material file properly.

Can you try this material ? :

Since material uses a normal map, I added a cylinder with UV’s so you can apply material on cylinder. ( Vue primitives have no UV’s so materials with normal maps can’t be used on them))

Tell me what version of Vue you have, and if it can read this material.

Thanks :slight_smile:


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Nobody here with Vue complete ? :frowning: