Content Browser to Asset Browser?


I like the new Asset Browser in S24, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to convert or move things from the old Content Browser. I’m guessing the lib4d files will eventually go away since it sounds like the older system will be retired eventually.

Anybody done this?


rightclick onto the presetfolder in your contentbrowser (= the lib4d-file) and select “convert to asset browser”


Ah, didn’t even see it, thanks!
Looks like it puts everything in a “Converted” directory, then you can drag and drop where you want to put them.


Be aware though: converting or putting any documents into the new asset browser scrambles the file-name, essentially locking the files in.

For this reason, I will stay with Content-Browser. It’s a huge mistake to mingle with user-files, imo.


This needs to be done to ensure the over all path length does not exceed OS limits.


I assumed there was a technical reason for it, and not some malicious lock-in-strategy.

Nonetheless, there are other ways around that, like the Lightroom-example I mentioned.
It’s not perfect software, but they really stick to their mantra “always keep original files unaltered”, and I strongly think that Maxon should have adopted that thinking.

Please consider this for future releases, as the functionality of the asset browser is really well done. But I will never-ever put my files in there if there’s no reasonable way to get them out again.

Also, thank you for your explanation, Srek. Transparency goes a long way :slight_smile:


yes it’s true it seems to modify the file but if you “save project with Assets” the files will return to being as before, that is with their same original name