Content Browser library > Material with texture on another drive


I’m working with R17 and Corona renderer v3 ( both registered licences).

I’m searching a way to “host” content Library material’s textures in another drive from C: (i.e. D: ),
in order to save space on my SSD.

Here’s my process and the pb I’m having :

I create a new scene and new material (Corona shader),
I indicate texture link as absolute (no path before)
I host texture in “tex” folder on another ( D: ) drive
I go to “Edit > Preferences > Files > Texture Paths” and indicate “D:\tex”

So far, it’s working good, but as soon as I drag and drop this material in the Content Browser Library (File > New preset Library folder), it creates automatically a new texture folder and copy the texture again in the C: drive.
So .lib4d file becomes heavy.

Can someone help ?


Here’s a tutorial that shows you how to set up custom locations using system Variables on Windows and Mac


Thank you SOOO much for you help Mr. Noseman :slight_smile:

It works ! Not easy to figure out without help…

I have another question now,

Do you know how I can create a .lib4d file with a separate “tex” folder ?

So far, textures are hiden inside .lib4d, which make it impossible to edit in case of need.

In the link below, this artist sells a pack of material for C4D ( you can install demo clic on bottom link ).

with a .lib4d + a “tex” folder containing all the maps. I don’t understand how to do that ?

Thanks again for your help :star_struck:


I haven’t downloaded hi pack, and I avoid installing things I can’t use.
If you download the demo materials, where is the “tex” folder stored compared to the .lib4d?


Hi ! Sooo sorry for late reply,

The .lib4d is in:

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\CINEMA 4D Rx_xxxxxxxx\library\browser\

or C:\Program Files\MAXON\CINEMA 4D Rxx\library\browser\

OR, as above :slight_smile:


Tex file can be paste anywhere on the local or network drive,
Just specify in C4D Preferences dialog path to the textures folder.