Constraints problem


Hi, i have a problem with constraints. I’m making an animation where a character grabs like a CrossFit wheel and flips it over. First i do a parent constraint of the wheel and the wrist, then the character pushes the wheel a bit and has to adjust the grip. So there’s a moment where the constraint is 0. And then i want to set a new constraint again to the wheel and the wrist (i want a new constraint because the hand is going to be placed in a different spot of the wheel). The problem is that when i try to make that new constraint, it doesn’t work. I don’t know why but i can’t do another constraint, even though the first one is put to 0.
Please can anyone help me figure this out?


I dont think you can add 2 of the same constraints on the same objects.


Yeah you’re right:sweat_smile: At the end, to do what i wanted i put a locator to the hand controler and when i had to readjust the hand i animated from the locator.
Thanks for your reply.