Constrain UV point move tool to U or V axis?


C4D Gurus,
Reposting this question…
When moving sets of points in UV editor, is it possible to constrain the movement horizontally or vertically? When I move things in other apps usually holding shift constrains the movement.

I have been using the transform UV tab and numerically entering a small value and click, click, clicking in U or V axis to keep the points on the level…

Maya has the generic 3D move widget in its UV editor, so selecting the Y-axis arrow when moving UV points restricts movement to only the V, The X-Axis icon arrow restricts to the U…Restrict_UV_movement_on-Drag



Frankly c4d’s UV tools suck right now. I use Rizom for UVs. I did just explore a bit and didn’t see a way to lock diagonal movement.

Yes, you’d think standard constrain with shift would work… but it doesn’t.

Quantize with a low value might be your best option for now.


Thanks for looking Ice… I would greatly appreciate an update to C4D UV tools. The ability to select multiple objects UV tags, for instance, to position UV islands for texture atlas building. Better Island packing like Houdini layout


We are hoping it gets addressed w/R21. We’ll see.

It’s a widely discussed gap, a glaring ugly hole in an otherwise great program.


I know this isn’t a native solution, but my plugins Seamilar and EasyUV allow to limit movement in U and V, by means of options in the attribute manager of its move tool.
Additionally you can use the cursor keys to navigate points, edges, polygons and islands, allowing to only move in U or V direction. The movement step is than using the provided quantize value, even if the quantize option is not enabled.
With Seamilar in Texture View mode you can even move on pixel level, with mouse or cursor keys.

I grew tired of waiting for decent UV tool updates, so started implementing my own.