Concept Design - Spaceship, Andrew Lee (2D)


Title: Concept Design - Spaceship
Name: Andrew Lee
Country: Hong Kong / Uk
Software: Photoshop 7

I have recently moved on to digital painting. This is one of my concept design done with wacom tablet.


I like your concept style,and the pic its cool,but a little confuse.

P.s.-Excuse my poor english


Yurtle the turtle ship! This is fantastic!


Hi Andrew,

Glad to see your work up here.
Looks kind of cool.
I esp like the overall shape.
You have improved a lot didn’t you?

Stay creative


cant figure it out totally…but i like it!


me 2 what is that thing? if u havent said it was a space ship , i wouldnt have evr guessed
sorry , u need to refine ur consept


Thanks for all the comments, here is the answer of you guys question ‘what it is?’

to be honest, i don’t really know as well… hehhehe, disappointing answer, isn’t it?

when i do concept design, there are different ways to do it.

  • sometimes i work quite logically, step by step, it happens more often in a real company project, especially with a very strict brief.
  • But sometimes i would go crazy, try to go out of the box. not even need to think about what it is, what am i going to draw. just do it

because i have recently moved onto digital painting, this drawing was supposed to be just for practice, just trying to get used to drawing with wacom tablet, this ‘spaceship’ is the result; i didn’t even think about what the final result was gonna be.

Andrew Lee


I like your style, but find the drawing a little confusing. It’s hard to see the shape of the ship and see what is nearest to the “camera” and what is further away…

Lights and shadows give the ship form but the shape of the ship is so unconventional it propably needs more drawings from different directions.


Garde, I do agree with you. The drawing is a bit confusing. Maybe this is a final result from a ‘unlogical’ thinking design. maybe i should do a quick ploygon model in Maya, shouldn’t I?..

the funny thing is, different people saw it in different shape. I’ve been told it looks like a, turtle, gun, sword, snake head… heheh


hmmm, yes, if you look at the engine pod and compare that to the body, the perspective seems skewed off…

cool rendering, i like it :thumbsup:


My friend ‘orange_3D’ made a rough ploygon model in Maya, he try to test if this design does works in 3D? what do you guys think?


:lightbulb I had the same idea…
let’s see what comes up with it; i’ll show you my modelling once done.

Great concept!


here’s the first geometry, i miss some informations as you have sketch it only from the side so i did what i thought was appropriate, but if you have some rough sketch from the top view or else that would be cool.


what do you think about it?


Hi Nataz,

WOW, I’m so surprised that you have started building up a 3D model of my concept. Thank you so much. Which programe did you use?

From the 3D model you provided. I realize how crap is my drawing. And I finally understand why the people think it looks like a gun. mmmmmmm… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll do some more sketches from other angles, and will post them in here later on. Sorry for the bad drawing… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks nataz again


ahh…it all makes more sense now that you have some 3D views :slight_smile:

looking good! :thumbsup:


Hi digitman,
it’s cool working on this one, the more i go the more i enjoy it.

cinema4D XL 8.5

From the 3D model you provided. I realize how crap is my drawing.

To me it’s pretty cool, i hit it at first sight. It makes me think about some alien ship with no windows, the guys inside piloting it in a telepathic way. And that four wings give it a great insect feeling. It’s awsome.

I’ll do some more sketches from other angles, and will post them in here later on. Sorry for the bad drawing… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks nataz again

Great! i’m longing for these sketches :bounce: . I don’t know if you plan to do them as precise as the first concept; but from my part i just need rough guidelines in order to keep straight with your concept and that my own feeling of the ship won’t interfere too much.

I’m happy you’re happy with it!
keep up the great job.


ok, here’s my last update for tonight. Just a test to see how i had to make the plating; there’s a lot of mistakes on this one but, anyway, just a test…

i’ve noticed my geometry is way too ‘boxy’ i’ll start over tomorrow to make it more thiner and above all more simple; i’m really high on poly and i could avoid it, but i guess we have to make mistakes to correct them :smiley:


better geometry this morning…



3542 quads after smoothing


new update (that’s all for today i’ll tweak it more in a couple of days):
just a texture test to check the geometry…