Compositing tag - shadow and reflection catching solutions required


Hello all, I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.

Using the built in standard renderer, and using an hdri/gi workflow, how can I catch both the shadow and the reflections? It appears when using the compositing tag, I can only catch shadows.

I understand a shadow catcher exists but I am looking to avoid compositing alpha channels in external apps.

Thanks for any help.


Use multipass to output those separate channels


Thank you Troyan. Could you go into a ittle bit more detail please? Like I said, i am looking to just complete the image in the render rather than comp anything together.


Ok, I’m confused what you are trying to do, then. You’re using standard or physical renderer?


You can use a light to create the shadow and a material for reflection …
This uses a HDRI with a compositing tag for the plane.




Thank you vid2k2 but I cannot get the results you do.
Im using standard render
Global Illumination.
Plane with reflective material.
Object that casts shadow and reflection ( similar to your image )
A light to create shadow.
composite tag on plane with your settings ticked.

But all I get is a shadow catch on the plane - not the reflection.

Can you help still? I appreciate your effort.


Hi, That was a while ago, but I’ve recreated it below.

Shadow Reflection.c4d (223.6 KB)