Complex Math Sculpture (Octo-Star)


This tutorial illustrates a step-by-step process to creating a stunning, complex mathematical sculpture. I call it an Octo-Star, because it begins with a 8-point tetrahedron compound primitive. This is a manifold object; ideal for 3d printing, jewelry, or architectural design. The application of this process is limited only by your imagination. No plugins or addons are required. An intermediate knowledge of polygon modeling is recommended.



Thanks John.
On the the turbo smoothing,I saw where most of the model is pinkish but after turbo there is some white areas.Is that just stressing/stretching or is that non-manifold geo?
In Maya I know when smoothing it will tell on you if there is over lapping edges/unwelded verts etc.
Great tutorial tho’.


There shouldn’t be any overlapping geometry once the smoothing is applied. I’m not sure exactly what you were seeing. If you have a screencap of the issue, I’ll be happy to address further. Also include which release of 3dsmax you’re using, and any other specifics if you can. Thanks.