Complete the Story


Hai ,
Iam about to finish my animation course.
I and My Friends are planning to do an
3D Animation Short .
We are looking for a small may be 2 or 3 minute


My friend has got some beginning of a story here it is:-
"A teeneaged boy in a home And he is
searching for Some thing and looks around each and
every corner.after some time he finds the thing he is searching for. "

This is the what he told to me and we think it needs some work.

If any one could complete that story or
has a particular story thats fits for us. Please help us by posting that here.

Here is our story requirements :
[li]A simple story filled with humor or has got some moral in it.
[/li][li]Two or three characters , A good background eg: house, Street etc.
[/li][li]The story has to end in 2 or 3 minutes.

And Please include your name in which we can put it in our end credits if we are going with your story.

Thank You. :applause:


It is inside a room, and the window shades are drawn open. The wind is blowing making the curtains blow around slowly. It is daytime so the room is being lit by the open window, and the open door of the room. the booy is looking under the bed, under the mattress, inside drawers, everywhere around the room. There is a cell phone ringing and every time it does he stops to retrack where it is coming from. he ends up looking all over the room, and then he finds it inside a shoe. Chris Answers it, and he finds it is his friend “Oh, good you found your phone. i put it in your shoe so no one would take it, let’s go out and do something” Chris looks exasperated \and looks to the camera and laughs\puts on shoe and runs out the room to do something with friend

Hope that pushed your story foward. I know it needs a bit of work, but maybe it helps in brainstorming. good luck. Have no time atm, got work to do. Interested in what you end up doing. let me know. pm me. my name is under my username. PM me here or email me at minaelnecro at the gmail.

Have a good one. good luck.


This post cracked me up because it reminded me of an old Rosanne episode where the power is off and everyone is sitting around bored. D.J. tries to entertain everyone with a story that he made up as he went along. You seem to be struggling like him. :wink:

Basically, you don’t have a story you have a vision of some shots in your head . There is nothing wrong with that. I assume you are being graded on your 3D skills not the story you choose. Besides, many movies are based on the “action” in the movie and not necessarily the content.

How about this. The guy comes home and finds the house a wreck. As he walks around the house he finds what looks to be damage from an enormous dog. The sofa has bites taken out of it. Pillows have been shredded. In the kitchen the fridge has been raided and food and wrappers are all over the floor. Maybe he even finds the cat all tied up and gagged. Paw prints everywhere, even the ceiling. The bathroom of course has all the toilet paper off the roll, and a big puddle around it like the dog has been drinking the “blue” water. Maybe the soap has a big bite out of it.

When he finally gets to the dog it turns out to be a tiny, adorable puppy. He puts a leash on it, to take it for a walk and the story ends with him being dragged out the front door.

If that one doesn’t inspire you how about something about?:

Do something with an alien in the house.

He is late for school/work and can’t seem to get anything done quickly because nothing is cooperating. Maybe he tries to tie his shoes too fast and breaks the string. He put his socks over his shoes or under wear over his pants. He tries to shower too fast and forgets to wait for the water to warm up and you hear him screaming from the cold. Then he trips on the shower curtain as he exits the shower. The toothpaste squirts on the mirror because he squeezes it too hard. He is making toast and scrambling eggs at the same time (note his hand is on frying pan). The toast pops up, he reaches with other hand, but it is still hot, he throws it up in the air. He sees the toast is about to hit him in the head, and his natural reflex is to shield his noggin, which he protects with the frying pan (bonk!!!) he’s out cold and the story ends.

Keep trying. Maybe the suggestions you guys get will get your brainstorming.



Remember that film is a “Missouri medium”: show me.

You, “the author,” know why your characters perform the way they do. I don’t.

You tell me that … “he is searching for Some thing and …” I don’t know that.

You show me that “he is searching,” but I have no way to know what he is “searching for.” I don’t know if it is a “thing” or a poodle.

Your objective, then, is not only to show me the answer to that question, but to actually make me care. Deeply.


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