Compile fStretch 2 for Maya 2016.


Hi guys,
fStretch 2 is now donationware and opensource, so please can someone compile this baby for Maya 2016 on Linux? Here more info:
Win build:
Osx build:


Learn how to do it (compile) and share it with us.
BTW I like his way of paying for it,donating to a favorite charity.
He is a very smart fellow.


It’s not very helpful to tell someone asking for help to do it themselves.


He isn’t asking for help he is asking for doing.
Instead of attacking me why don’t we start a project to compile this together so that we all may learn and see how this is done?
QT is downloadable and comes with ealier versions of Maya but I’m not smart enough to tackle it.
It should be in the programming area anyway.

Never mind we can just wait for someone to do it for us.


No one is attacking you.

I could have swore he was asking for help, thanks for clearing that up.


Just for complete the topics. At the moment I’m try to compile it for Osx cause XCode is free, on Win I don’t have the Visual Studio 2012 license.
BTW, have fStretch on Maya 2016 is better for US, not only for ME.


I’m interested in the 2016 version for Windows as well and also neither have the software nor knowledge to do a compile. Hence just posting to stay informed and to bump the thread.



Thanks djx!


Yes, he’s a ‘dude’!


Many thanks to David!!!


I can’n find openmayamac.h in the 2016 Maya Dev Kit for OSX, anyone can help?


same problem here; Managed to make it work by adding -mmacosx-version-min=10.6 -isysroot /Applications/

Found this through google.Will it help you any?


Yes! I’m a ‘dude’ too!
fStretch2 for OSX Maya 2016:
For the moment I solved by coping openmayamac.h from Maya 2015 SDK on 2016 SDK, but where is openmayamac.h file for OSX Maya 2016?


Visual Studio is free.
For 2016 you can use Visual Studio 2013 Community just fine, no need to fall back to VS2012 (which has a free Express version anyway).


OpenMayaMac.h was removed from the DevKit, it was no longer required.
where are you finding its needed


I don’t think it’s so much he finds it’s needed, it’s probably that the source is old and includes it since the times it was needed.
I’d put penny over pound that it’ll be somewhere in the project settings, likely in the project includes or the GCC flags.


Yes, that’s true… Hope someone post an updated xcode project.


What I do in cases like this is to grab some example from the devkit ( in this case some deformer example ) and just replace the source code. Sometimes I need to add libraries ( like OpenMayaAnim ) but thats usually it. Xcode drives me crazy and I have a hard time understanding its paradigm. Prolly I am just too used to Visual studio.


nice. They should make a Github page with the updated code.


Ran into this today, so OpenMayaMac is referenced in the prefix header section of the build settings.