community bug tracker is live!


Just want to say well done Stooch! This really is good of you. Hopefully the PMG guys will find it helpful and we can start to get rid of some of the more irritating issues.

I’ve posted my two. I really hope that others will use this tool - if we don’t, we can hardly moan!


yep, the idea is to reduce confusion and effort for pmg as much as possible and let them focus on coding :slight_smile: I figured taht if i have trouble keeping track of what is a bug or if a bug has already been reported, so do they. so lets report cleanly and efficiently and include examples if possible (you can upload screenshots etc).

also, do confirm bugs if you see something you have experienced before!



Yes, it´s a very nice bug tracking system! Thanks Stooch:thumbsup:


I tweaked the permissions to give more control to people who are reporting.

so now you should be able to set issues to resolved and confirmed.


Great site.
Anyone know if the pmG team is reading along?
And is there an option for feature request?



fred and taron are registered users so im sure they are keeping an eye on it :slight_smile:



Oh wait.

he he…

Ok when you load the DollEyes_Sample_Textured_B.fxs and render it. No texture on the eyes. Something is off. So now. . . I’m going to submit it to the bug tracker and see what happens.


Argh, that is actually not a problem with DollEyes, but with NoiZette.

NoiZette has gone through a few changes ever since that scene was made and appearantly the new parameter “Threshold” defaults to 1.0 in that old scene. Threshold sets the minimum value the noise has to produce in order to get used! Since 1.0 should actually never get surpased by noise, such a threshold of 1.0 would simply shut it off.

Set it down to 0.0 again and everything’s fine:


I thought I’d take the main points from the: “New simple shader…Color Coordinates” thread and post them here, if that’s ok. I put the person’s name after each one. If there was more than one paragraph, I separated it with lines. If not, it’s included in the bulleted list part. I don’t know if that helps, but maybe it’s good to have it consolidated in one place, without all the other stuff about marketing suggestions and etc. Sorry if anything got repeated more than once. Here they are:

[li]remove inactive keys (or have a disable option), add dynamic parenting in place (if this can be done with relative ease) (by Dmack)[/li][/ul]
[li]integrated netrender controll to use those extra render node (by Aaron)[/li][/ul]
[li]real shadow passes and compositing or all the fixes that have been discussed for the graph editor, animation and the edit sphere (oh yes, I still detest it).And/Or think about a bundle with the Frischluft plugins to spice up the dealeven more. (by T.Helzle)[/li][/ul]
[li]Dynamic PIP, Inactive keys, Interaction profiles (to make it behave like maya orlw ALL the way through), Revamp the edit sphere so that its a true 3D sphere thatlooks correct without weird distortions and behaves properly, look at othermanipulators for inspiration (planar constraints etc). Currently navigatingmessiah is a pain in the ass from POV of objects. Oh yeah and once and for all,make the drag and drop parent respect the keep in place options, and allow a quick way to get access to that feature since its often used. (by Stooch)[/li][/ul]
[li]inside Network rendering (by wireframes)[/li][/ul]
[li]Thou in case of removal of gimbal lock related problems can be a good paid upgrade (by kursad)[/li][/ul]
[li]make the drag and drop parent respect the keep in place options, and allow a quick way to get access to that feature since its often used. (by Stooch)[/li][/ul]______
it may surprise many but my biggest complaint is the shortcuts, it is claimed
that you can assign shortcuts to anything, but in reality this is not true. I
really want to assign shortcuts to anything in messiah and that would make me
happy more than anything else. So please give us easier shortcut control and
access to truely all functions of messiah to assign shortcuts. There are
someshortcuts that cannot be changed in messiah, or some letters cannot be used,

My second wish is about interface even thou i enjoy messiah`s interface overall.
I think that we should have the ability to change the interface, every animator
or project needs differentlayouts for better project performance. What if i want
my dopesheet to be on top and my timeline at the bottom, one may need this kind
of layout.

3rd, ability to deselect and dropping selection. It is pain in the butt to deselect
or drop selection. It gets on my nerves sometimes to be honest, and i end up moving
stuff or selecting wrong pieces when i am trying to change selections . We definetely
need some improvement on object selecton side. Also more organize bottom item list
(the one sits below the timeline) can be helpful in this respect. (by kursad)

But I am with the people here who ask for streamlining and update animation first.

Another area where messiah is very much lacking is NPR. Outlines and some painterly
stuff would help the addressed audience a lot (see Davids work).
These are things in reach (other than a full styleable hair solution).
Put that in with an Edit Sphere overhaul where plane and full free 3D movement
works as simple and reliable as single axis manipulations and a lot is done.
Then I would buy an update for 250.- € without much questions.


But then there are areas (different ones for different people) where people are
going mad a million times a day. For me it is the edit sphere and camera navigation
(coming from XSI), for others it is inactive keyframes or multi-parameter editing or
the missing search and replace in expressions. For beginners it is things like F1
not being Help and instead Help being buried in a right-click on the File tab but
not being available in the normal File dropdown…(by T. Helzle)

  • Get rid of the Edit Sphere and make a regular gizmo for translate and rotate.

  • Weight maps, they are needed, Metaeffectors might be cool and all, i want industry standard Weight maps.

  • Steamlined Set Driven Keys without the need to go to negative keyframes, please

  • Point and clik Ik

  • Corrective Morph sculpting INSIDE Messiah, after XSI i wont go back to guess modeling in any other modeler.

This are the things that pop up right way into my mind, this and that Graph Editor mockup i did in Photoshop some time ago…(by SIL3)


Stooch any chance we could have some categories?


yeah ill take a look at it, any particular categories in mind? there are feature requests and such already ! just look at the drop down for bug severity.


Looks like Speed Hazer doesn’t accept density inputs any more. :sad:


well i checked on the bug reports, 44 entries so far, to be honest, thats really not that much huh? that would improve messiah greatly! (although i am a bit skeptical that messiah has only 44 issues)

Would resolving all of the issues Justify a paid update? If so… count me in.


Actually 43. Taron helped me out with Speed Hazer. I’ll put together a sample scene and upload it to the tracker to show how it is supposed to be used. . . then call it resolved.

Although its still an issue in that there is no documentation or sample scenes to help someone understand its use. So. . . maybe I won’t call it resolved.

Back to 44. :slight_smile:


I have found a bug that concerns rendering cookie cut maps, as I explain in the post here:
and as Wegg confirmed as well!


I’m getting a “Hasp error (-10)” when trying to run Messiah Studio Pro 2.5b on Vista 32bit.
I have installed the latest Hasp dirvers for Vista and it recognizes the usb dongle and also a parallel port dongle (I own 2 copies of Messiah). Vista says it was a successfull driver installation.



Looks like in the EDIT tab Key/Frame Editing - Key Edit Extended(<11) and All Channels are flipped in comparison to the Channel Edit button in the main window. Because I am doing some JC tutorials and it says to switch the Channel edit switch to All Channels then go to the EDIT tab and under Key/Frame Editing and switch Key Edit and Spline Edit to All Channels.

Well when I switch Spline Edit all is fine but when I switch Key Edit it switches the All Channels it it also switches the Channel Edit Button in the main window to Extended Channels. Please someone check to see if they are seeing the same problem.

Yes. Well I too had a crashing issue with 2.5C and after having looked at it. It looks like somewhere around the 2.4d release the Key Edit list the last 2 entries were out of order. Hence causing the flip flop of selection. I reinstalled 2.2b and everything is listed properly there.


Just added another bug - Can someone go through and confirm any that they can - I’ve listed some bugs that are reproducible. Thanks :slight_smile:


yeah, david maas is on a roll overthere. good god man!


We need more confirmations - The yellow bands mean more!