community bug tracker is live!


EDIT: IF you have a bug report, please register and report it at the following address:

However before you click I just want to ask that you check the existing entries to make sure its not a duplicate! There might also be information to help you work around certain issues, feel free to add to them! Posting your dxDiag info with the bug report would also provide useful info, you can read more details about that when you login.

NOTE: This is not an official tracker, It was setup with the intention to organize the current bug report attempts and try to focus this section on discussions and WIPs rather then bug reports!

However, PMG is aware of this tracker.



Stootch it´s a great initiative. I hope all users collaborate to report his bugs.

Thanks :thumbsup:


yep, i hope people do take advantage. there are provisions for requests as well as bug reports but now there is a real way to prioritise issues based on severity and keep a log of resolutions for the issues if there are any.


nice work.


How come it never sent me an e-mail to validate my account?


Yes, I have the same problem, no e-mail??
Besides that great initiative Stooch! :thumbsup:

/ Svante


really? i see a bunch of accounts active??? are people still haveing issues? i just did a test and it works fine here! check your spam filters!


ok svint and wegg i went into the admin section and reset your password, that should re-send you the activation email. of the 11 users only 3 did not login yet, so im guessing that its a spam blocker issue! I resent the activation to the 3 users who havent logged in.


WHAT!?! A communication issue with e-mail!?! I don’t believe it! I’m going to create a website that warns people not to look at Stooch any more! He LIES! He has waisted my time and cost me MILLIONS (of microseconds).

DAMN youuuuuu!

<Inside joke pertaining to the recent activity on the messiah yahoo mailing list.>


lol i hope the inside joke didnt involve me :wink:


I posted my first “bug”. Have you e-mailed pmG about your efforts so far? Maybe they’d like to try it out from a developers perspective. I assume they can assign tasks to different people etc.

Very cool stuff Stooch.


ok so lets start adding some bugs! i added one bug but i want to see some other users add bugs as well, to test the bug tracker :wink:


Ok my first bug added.


Hmm, still no luck and I don’t use any spam blocker… :shrug:
Does it work for you now Wegg??

/ Svante


svintaj: I’ll bet your ISP does.

My notices were sitting on my spam folder at my ISP.


i will change the default norespond email it uses to my domain, maybe the name is triggering the spam filters. If there are still issues issues, i can create the account manually.


double post.


Hi Stooch!

I don’t have any personal spamblocker but I have talked to my ISP and they say:

“ordinary spamcop, spamhause listed ip adresses who sends out spam gets blocked.
and mailservers who “lies” about their names (Helo check)- wrong configured and so on”

Can this give you a clue? Have you something more to try?
Else, please set up my account manually!:thumbsup:

/ Svante


pm sent with password.



/ Svante