Comment: Relevant Software Missing


Hi, just a comment, would be nice to see Houdini Master in the software used rollout when you fill in the Personal Details form.

It´s not really important but hey, houdini guys will be proud of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Great Work with CGPortfolio.


Maybe offer a way to fill in the software you use when it is not offered from the list? It’s kind of weird to have to choose “Other” and you guys are never going to list Quest3d (or other game dev softs) in there. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, that´s a good idea, a lot of people uses specialized software.


Yeah Silo is missing from that list also. :wavey:


As well as:

and many, many more… :wink:

Keeping up this list is going to be nigh-impossible. I would say letting users specify software is your best bet.


I’d have to agree…though I marvel at the fact that Poser made it in and Silo didn’t, when you consider the general feeling about Poser on the forums. :slight_smile: I use them both for work so I don’t mind but I just found that a bit funny.


Mirai? shrug :wink:


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