command no use with batch render


Hey, all

i have a script to delete a render pass, like this:
DeleteCurrentPass “Passes.Depth”

in my scene, there are 2 render passes, one is the default_pass, the other is Depth, to run the code within the scene, it’s ok. but if i use it as a script for batch render, i.e “xsibatch -script xxx -render myscene.scn”, softimage will freeze after runing the code, any suggestion to this?



try using the DeleteObj command instead of DeleteCurrentPass


yup, i already tried with DeleteObj, the result is the same. Also, i even tried with this:

SelectObj xx, “BRANCH” or (“TREE)”
DeleteObj ()

Still doesn’t work!


Have you tried making sure it’s not your current/active pass, and then deleting it with deleteObj in branch mode?


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