Combing Shapes with Builder/Mesher


Using R20

Combining shapes. I’m building a Jello mold that has some cylinder ridges
and a smooth shaped shell that should be a “union”.
The lathed shell wasn’t a problem. Will add thickness with cloth. Left Image

Arraying the cylinders went well … resulting in smooth rounded unions between them. Right Image

Q: How do I get a combined thin formed shape with bumps ?


Is the right image the product of the last one ?

It’s difficult for me to understand the final form of the jello you want to get … And that’s because I see those cylinders protrude like a crown. This can’t be the final form of the jello, it will brake during the unmolding.
And the base looks thin, it may hold a hard cake but not a jello… (we are talking about a real mold right ?)

From what I understand is that you want to have the left model inside the right one and the final to be hollow, right ?
If so:
Take the left one and make a copy. Move the clones a bit towards the center of the array and a bit down and use the copy to subtract it from the original. Then just combine under a union the left and right.
(well in my opinion due to the low thickness of the mold it would be better to have the two parts separate for safer unmolding, but they have to be really tight to prevent leaks)

OK so there are two types of molds. The left is a one-piece and the second a two-piece mold.
Now you have a base there but it’s upside-down. I’m going to assume that you forgot to flip it over.

Now that is see the image and re-read your question you might be asking how to make the center upside-down piece have the same look as the outside.
In that case you should place the thin piece in the right position above the other. Then make a copy of the second and position the clones on the inner rim of the thin piece and bool them in unity. To make it hollow use the technique I mentioned before.

(you should put a torus to connect the spikes like in the second image)


Thanks for the reply. Sorry about my description.
What I want to model is this packaging …


Using R12 … I managed to come up with a better solution using Nitroman’s “Merge”
shown here …


Could you upload a wireframe so I can understand your geometry achieved with the plugin ?
I don’t think the plugin is necessary … or the Volume Builder for your case.


Thanks again for your reply.
I’ve tried lofting, but it doesn’t get the scalloped shape …
Here’s the wireframe … of the merge technique …


I made it without the use of the Volume Builder or plugins but I made the mistake to put it under a Subdivision just to see what would happen and c4d crashed without having saved anything …
I don’t have the patience to redo it … here’s the file in case you can open it … _recovery_scene_1_Untitled 2.c4d (276.6 KB)

got a screenshot before exiting



Thanks again for your time and effort.
I was able to recover the file and got it working.
I’ll see if I can manage to tailor it a bit
to get it where it should be. This is just a personal
challenge. I’ve built other forms similar to this
without trouble … like the one below


I’m really relieved that you were able to recover the file because I got really frustrated when that crash happened.

So the last image is also with a slight thickness ? nice.