Color in Maya


I am developing a plugin for Maya using c++. My plugin can export not only the texture coordinates, but the color of the vertices too. So I decided that apart from the color itself, it should be possible to export transparency. Materials of Maya has attribute transparency, which replies for transparency
But it also consists three channels: r, g and b. Why is it so? I’m used to the fact that the color consists of 4 components: r, g, b, a, where a-alpha component (at the same time its transparency) color. But the transparency attribute provides a percentage of alpha on each of the channels. How can I get a common alpha from these three components? I tried to explain correctly, sorry for mistakes. Thank you


The 3 values still refer to the rgb values of the map. Since transparency can receive the same maps as most other shading nodes, it just remains as 3 separate channels. However, your alpha/transparency map should be greyscale, which means all 3 values will be the same (percentage of white). Just use any of the 3 rgb values and that’s your alpha.


Thank you! You very helped me:)