Color Blind


Thought I’d post my most recent piece here. This is sort of a compilation of some of my previous work. This started out as a completely different shot, but evolved into something that I’m quite happy with. Please let me know what you think!

3ds Max 5.1, Brazil r/s, Reiss Body Studio, Poser 5, Corel Draw.


Are you colorblind?
I am.

This is melodramatic imo. We don’t live in a black and white world and we certainly don’t cry in a museum at the fun we are missing.



Hey, it’s art, it doesn’t have to be an exact copy of reality.

I like it a lot. To me it’s about lonelyness, and not colorblindness, specifically.

  • Jonas


I didn’t forsake him for not making it an exact copy of reality. I said it was melodramatic which is saying he exxagerated an emotion that he apparently has little experience with. THe whole “it’s art it can be anything” argument is too frequently used to protect bad ideas from harsh critique. I don’ think the work is supposed to be overtly exxaggerated, or satyrical either; the way an image say of a kid with a gun to his head and his ice cream cone plopped on the sidewalk would be. In that example you can justify it by explaining it’s an attack on how spoiled kids in America are, or how little grasp we have on what’s important. THis image is LITERALLY a person crying because they can’t see color which I am saying 1) is not what colorblindness is 2) is melodrama.



I like it. I’m not so sure it’s meant to be read literally. I think being blind or colour blind has been a motif for centuries. Even reading it literally, I don’t think the character is crying because they can’t see colour and the question behind why this person is in tears is the whole point of the piece I think. That kicks off the mystery - what do the blurred passers by signify? What are the pieces of art on the wall… Nice work.


Hey Phalanx, I didn’t mean to make a “you’re wrong statement”. :slight_smile:

I think you’re right, this is LITERALLY a person crying because he/she can’t see the colour in the museum.

BUT, the ARTISTIC content of that can be anything else, the litteral situation is just used to convey a message, or a feeling, and THAT is where the true story of the piece lies. At least that’s my interpretation.

I get a sad, lonely feeling from this picture, which makes it great art for me.

Oh, and I’m color blind too, just to mention it. :wink:


  • Jonas


Well, i must say i do like the image, but it doesn’t really grab you as much as it could, but i can really say why that is, perhaps because you cant see their facial expression. but it might be something completely diffrent.


thanks for all of the comments. I hope I didn´t offend anyone with my title. In all reality, the pieces is not litteraly about color blindless - in fact I hadn´t even considered that interperation. My intention was a bit more sutble. I´m having dificulty putting in words what I was working for so bear with me. The impression I was working for was specifically for the observer. The observer and the adults in the scene are so pre-occupied with looking at the “art” - frozen moments in time, and are completely ignoring the child. The child being the only important and real thing in the gallery - she´s a living breathing miracle - much more important than the art.

Does this make any kind of sense? Is there a better way of expressing this in the piece?



yeah perfect sense. Sweet


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