collider sphere elipse and plane...


how do these 3 colliders work actually… the sphere, elipse, and plane? their calculation is extremely fast and I’d like to use them, but I can’t scale them into the desired shape and size. how do you adjust the dimensions of any of these 3 colliders?? does anyone know? please help me, the docs don’t mention anything, neither does google…


ok, found the answer myself.
the elipse has a radius and height, and you use that instead of scaling.
but the plane…?
and what’s the point of having a sphere collider if you can’t adjust its dimensions??

anyway, the elipse is exactly what I need, yeeeeehaaaaa!!


Man I had even forgotten that those existed. I should go read the tuts again, probably a lot of info I didnt think was relevant at the time. What other cool “simple” things have I overlooked?


not only they exist, they are the fastest and most stable way of creating collisions. rock solid, I was amazed yesterday to see that if a sphere/elipse is on one side of the cloth and another one on the other side (inside and outside), they can even interpenetrate almost 100% without the cloth exploding. the sphere that’s inside stays inside and the other one stays outside, and the cloth is solved smoothly. very clean, really impressive.

maya hair also has collision primitives - just as impressive - and you can scale them. I don’t know about maya cloth or ncloth, but I don’t really care

I had this idea of building a character from collision objects when I saw Endorphin. in Endorphin, the simulation is so fast and stable, mainly (I guess) due to the character being built from collision primitives - they’re the absolute efficience, as far as I can tell, in simulations. they’re so fast, stable, and collide so well, it’s absurd :smiley:


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