Coding SetDrivenKeys for IKFK Blenders


Hello, trying to understand how some Mel/Python coding works out, specifically SetDrivenKey’s specifics.

Honestly I don’t understand a lot of coding. I’ve been trying to follow classes and online lessons and all of it is just going over my head. I’ve taken to just ripping apart the MEL print and online examples of Python to pull my coding skills together (bluntly stated, I’m a duct tape dude, not a self-teaching student).

I’ve created an entire Rigging window that’ll get me from Bones to Nurb constraints, but I’m having trouble setting up an automated setDrivenKeys to bind BlendColors to the IKFKSwitches I’ve created. This is what I’m working with currently.

cmds.setDrivenKeyframe( at=‘ikfkswitch’, cd=‘larm_ik_switch.ikfkswitch’, dn=‘blnd_larm.Blender’, dv=5, c=1 )

So, what am I doing?