Cloud Rendering


has someone tried one of the new cloud rendering services…?
experiential reports.?
found some new service…?


found an interesting vid about…


Conductor is now up and running.


I wouldn’t say this is new but anyway, Google Zync is pretty easy to use, fast and reasonably priced. BUT they take a while (as do all the others) to use the latest updated of Maya and Vray so check which versions are supported before you have a tight deadline and find you have to uninstall Maya for an older version (been there done that!).



If someone would be interested in checking one of the “old ones” with, I would argue, more experience and more personal customer experience, please give us a go. :slight_smile:

You can check our reviews here:
And our tutorials:


cloud rendring, your can add more one to have a try


I’ve also used Zync with Arnold and it was really good and fairly straight forward to set up and even use custom shaders when I needed to etc. Pretty cheap too considering although I haven’t used anything else like this to compare with though.

I would definitely use them again.