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Hi guys.
I’ve come up with this short film idea, that I’d love some feedback on.
The title is still a working title, but that is of less importance right now.
It’s really short, just a little more than a page.

Before you read it, you should now the point of the story, I suppose.
It’s written to fit a one man short animation project. So my limits was (I’ve made those my self, as I know my own limitations): One character (plus a side kick/ secondary character), simple set, and with length about a minute or so.

I’m not gonna talk much about the story, as the script should explain it, but if not, feel free to ask. It’s written pretty fast, just as I got the idea, so I may have left important stuff out from the script. If so, please let me know.

oh, yeah I totally forgot.
The story is heavily inspirered by this amazing artwork by Jason Slavin:

You can read it here:

Christoffer Andersen


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