Clothing Patterns


Does anybody know of a web site that I can download clothing patterns from??

I’ve looked a little but no luck yet, most sites want you to order the pattern and then they’ll mail it to you.

I would be willing to pay for patterns if they’re any good.



Hi. I am a pattern maker for fashion and 3d. with 26 years experience in film costume, ranging from Catwoman ( the michelle pfeiffer one) to Angelina Jolie in Mr & mrs Smith ( the sexy outfit ) and 80 items as digital tailor for a Curious Pictures NY project. I work with a 2d CAD software and export the curves as a *.ma file ready for sewing in Maya.
Working from the character, measuring the surface just like I do for a live person, I create the fitted shapes and then create the styles. All cloth software has limitations, such as pleats and gathers and some other traditional garment techniques that do not convert easily into 3d digital. As with everything in 3D, its a back and forth process untill the final shape is decided upon. As each of us has a different “Shape” the same applies to CG characters.

I am in the process of putting more on my website but I have put a few basic samples for you to get the idea.


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