CLOTH MODIFIER: Seams won't close


Basically says it all in the title: I’ve got a character wearing a kind of cloak-meets-trenchcoat kind of thing, but no matter what I do, the seams simply don’t join together like they should:

Regardless of my settings, those seams simply will not close up.
And if there is a way to make Cloth bridge the gaps between seams with new geometry, they’ve hidden the option quite well.

EDIT: I saw a suggestion to turn off Sewing Springs, but that only made MAX chug so hard that it stopped responding.

Anyone know what to do about this?


Guys, please, I could really use some help, here; this is really getting in my way.

I’ve tried everything, from increasing and decreasing crease angle/strength and sewing stiffness, all through the spectrum, and these things just refuse to connect up enough to be useable.

What do I do?


Took some trial and error, but I think I’ve got it figured out.

Resistance to bending was set kind of high. Reducing it made the seams close, but it did make the garment stretch more than it ought…but once the seams were closed, setting the stretch-resistance back to where it should be kept the seams closed and also unstretched the garment.

Ugh, what a pain. Wish there was a way to prioritize seams…


I could use some more help on this one:

Somehow, I got those seams bridged with new geometry, and I have no idea how I did it.
It’s 100% linked to that Edit Mesh modifier on top of the stack; if I remove it, those bridged gaps go away, and adding a new one leaves the gaps.

I have no idea what I did, but Google isn’t helping much…
Can someone please tell me how to repeat this, cuz MAX is being a giant pain about seams not connecting up completely, still…


Just model the clothes and then Turbosmooth them and then apply the cloth modifier.
I know people swear by Marvellous Designer, similar to garment-maker in approach although much better, but that approach just isn’t intuitive unless you are a professional seamstress and if you have no intention of actually making the clothes in real life, it seems a really bizarre way of doing things. I mean you don’t draw 2D shape-nets to make 3D objects for everything else…


It’s a little late for that at this point in the project, alas. Maybe next time.

I’ll need to work within the parameters of Cloth and Garment Maker for now.