Cloth dynamics and problem with ridges (see the images in my post please :)


Hello, i have got real problem with the ridges at the cloth object in this case it is flag… Please see the images bellow which describe my problem really well i guess…

I have tried using the subdivision surface too but it did not clean it out… It is still noticable out there as you can see.

If there is someone who faced it out in the past help me please :slight_smile:

(with subdivision surface on)

RED ARROWS are pointing to those bad places i mean

And last note is that I render in Octane so if there is any option to reduce it out, let me know!!!


Can you provide your file ? TIA


Here you go:
You can see that “ridges” problem there in the scene i attached bellow.
flag ridges problem.c4d (181.5 MB)


OK, I’ve simplified your file a bit and got this result …

Flag 1.c4d (4.6 MB)


At first i want to thank you for your time to help me out. I have already opened your project and find out after some tweaks as wind strenght and turbulence to influence the cloth surface with some force i found that the problem occured once again, you can see it in the image i posted here…

Can you tell me what was key thing you set up there? Because i have got the problem once again…

Here is the project i edited a bit…
0cd9d544384b5f1a9266db1791616b903cc6fc8a_edit.c4d (4.8 MB)


No problem.
Uncheck “Dresser” and you should be good to go,
In attached file I added a separate wind deformer in case you want the folds to react differently.

Flag 2.c4d (4.6 MB)


Thank you for your reply, but i have found that the problem persist… take a look at this

It is even worst when i applied the cloth surface, it is easier to spot it.

here is ther project as well.

885025bb2c11e3e9bc3a3f44fe342f672e1bcb64_my edit.c4d (4.8 MB)


Why do you need 2 cloth surfaces ?


Flag 3.c4d (4.6 MB)


Have you tried triangulating your mesh?

I seem to remember it works better for cloth simulation in general.


I will give it a try for sure! Thank you for your advice till next time.


Why do you need 2 cloth surfaces ?

I usually use the cloth surface to smooth things out as i saw it in numerous tutorials at the internet. Is it wrong?

Your scene is super smooth but unfortunately it still has the problem but hardly see it… I will try triangulated mesh and will let you know guys. Thanks for your time here.


I tried triangulating your plane and it got very bad. Maybe yours ’ will be better ?

Have you tried not making the plane editable … and with fewer segments ?
Cloth will then subdivide for you.