Cloning different objects as hair instances



I’ve been using cinema’s hair system to scatter dynamic leaves on top of an object.
Like on this example:
Currently I’m using the hair object set on instance mode but it can only instance one object.

I was wandering, is there is a way of using a Cloner object as my instance and clone different leaf objects randomly for each hair?
Or in a different approach - setting the hair generator system on “spline” and use spline deformer to wrap different leaves on different hair splines?

(BTW wouldn’t it be super cool to have that kind of a cloner mode? - clone wrap on spline??)

Cheers :smiley:


in the Hair Object “Generate” Tab, in the “Instance” Group set the “Hierarchy” mode to “Random”
Then make sure you make all objects children of the Object you are instancing.
The Cloned Objects size is controlled by the Hair material “Thickness” and the “Scaling” Parameter in the AM.


This is a fantastic option I didn’t know about. One of the tricks to get this to work is that the parent object can’t be a null. It has to be one of the hair instance objects, like you set it up. I just wish these could work with effectors.