Cloner questions


Hello all…

I was hoping to find some help regarding Cloners and making it look like they are exploding outward.

Not sure how to approach this, but is there a way to have them explode from a set position while also turbulize their motion to keep them from looking so linear.

Is this possible with Mograph?

I’m trying to learn techniques to keep from using simulated particles as much as possible.

thanks for the time!!


You could try using a volume builder > explosion FX? I’m still learning so unsure what steps you would need to take, but I like the volume builder for getting a lot of objects in one place in a more random fashion than the cloner!


Without knowing specifics of the motion you are going for, a basic approach could be a grid cloner with an animated Push Apart effector with a spherical field. I threw together a very quick basic idea.

MographBlastApart.c4d (165.3 KB)


thank you… please excuse the late reply.

I appreciate your help!!