Cloner Distribution via Vertex Map? Possible?



I was wondering if there is a way to distribute cloners via a Vertext Map?

I’m trying to add cloners to a specific part of my mesh by using a Vertex Map and then limiting its influence via spherical field…

yet no effect when I drag the vertex map into the selection set of the cloner.

Is there a way to convert a vertex map to a selection set?

Is there any solution to this (in theory) simple task?

Any other approaches one would take?

Thanks as always!!


Look into the Mograph selection tag.


Thanks for the tip…

I tried that but not much there in terms of flexibility… I’d certainly have to explore a bit more as I’m still learning C4D and its workflow, but I didn’t see anything that gives me the results I’m looking for.

Thanks again!!


Sorry for not getting back sooner. I was ill.

You can use vertex tag and selection tags in Fields falloffs. One limitation is that the object you’re cloning onto cannot be a parametric object but needs to be made editable.

You can paint a weight map or selection set on the mesh and combine it (called a Variable Tag in fields) with a spherical falloff in a plain effector fields layer set to limit the clones.

Hope that helps.

p.s. This should also be possible in Scene Nodes and may not require you to make the object editable. I don’t have any experience of scene nodes but this sounds like a perfect jobfor them.