"clone info hierarchy" - COFFEE Script (Trace clones)


Way back when, Per-Anders was kind enough to provide a very useful COFFEE - “clone info hierarchy”
It provided a simple way to represent all of your clones as nulls.

I have hundreds of useful xpresso files, that I can’t get working in the absence of COFFEE.

In this particular case, I’m using individual tracks of audio to drive 5 seperate cloner’s on the Y Axis.
From those coordinates, I derive a value in xpresso between 0-100.

Those values are then fed into XParticles and back into Mograph, to drive certain parameters.

It’s an effective workflow, that I can’t recreate.

Sadly without this old and simple tool. I can’t find a meaningful way in xpresso to see what that Y value is.
A cloner, or simple cube with a sound deformer, will move on the Y-Axis, but it’s positional data remains at 0.

If anybody has any simple ways to get a reading on that movement in xpresso.
Would be nice to know how you did it! I need a brief refresher on how its done.



if you still have the COFFEE code, it shouldn’t be too difficult to transfer it to Python?
I assume you’re talking about a node in that XPresso, so the code should be accessible.


Sadly, I don’t have any versions below R21 installed.
So they all prompt for a conversion from an older copy.

Besides, I don’t know the first thing about Python.


You can send me one of these files (the most simple) and I’ll have a look… no guarantee that it will work, but I s’pose the code is just going into the cache and looks up the coordinates.


Clone Position In XPresso.c4d (177.9 KB)

Or maybe take a sample here… This XPresso takes the 0th clone Y position and transfers it to the torus. The Python node allows to set any other clone # as Input2.


Thanks man, that works well.
I modified it a bit, because your values were dipping -50; 50 - Ideally I wanted 0-100, which I now have.

This is a far simpler, much more reactive than what I had before.