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Welcome to the Andromeda Design Contest! -- Rules & Intro
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Edward Osei Amoah


Planet Perseus Environment
Airship Arrival.

  1. Michael Khoo

  2. Planet Perseus Environment

and potentially

Airship Arrival

  1. Mariano Ruiz Manzano

  2. Categories:

Planet Perseus Environment.
Unknown Creatures.
Airship Arrival.


1 - Daniel Britos
2 - Categories: Planet Perseus Environment.


Cesar Verastegui

01-Planet Perseus Environment

02-Airship Arrival


Oliver Jaramillo

-Unknown Creatures
-Intelligent Life Character


1 - Isai Ramirez

2 - Categories: Planet Perseus Environment.

  1. Rofiq Alfata

  2. Airship Arrival


Diego Paullada Abelleyra

  1. Intelligent Life Character
  2. Unknow Creatures

  1. Rey Jhon Rosano

  2. Intelligent Life Character


Max Horbatiuk

Planet Perseus Environment
Airship Arrival

  1. Alexander Nezhid

  2. Categories:

  • Unknown Creatures
  • Airship Arrival


Karthik Bharadwaj

Category : Planet Perseus Environment


Alfie Rodriguez


  1. Planet Perseus Environment or
  2. Airship Arrival.



Kostas Fassoulas

Categories (hopefully):
-Planet Perseus Environment
-Unknown Life Character
-Airship Arrival


Hope I am not too late

Neto Kimani


1.Planet Perseus Intelligent Life
2.Unknown Creatures

  1. Ernesto Miguel Credito
  2. Planet Perseus Environment

Thank you. :slight_smile:


Thomas Depin

Airship Arrival
Unknown Creature

  1. Rémy Soulier

  2. Airship Arrival