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Welcome to the Andromeda Design Contest! -- Rules & Intro
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“You must be a resident of…”
So, no Russia? How so?


Can unreal engine be used


Is it possible to participate in the challenge from Russia?


If the core content is created by you I imagine so let us check to get back today!


All countries are eligible to enter to win Honorable mention.

Due to point of origin legalities and Import Export Laws prizes are only eligible for the countries stated in terms in conditions. Prizes must be shipped and Winners have to be verifiable identification for sponsors record keeping.


Ok . I was going to make everything in Blender and wanted to see if i could use unreal engine for my final render.

thank you


can i enter this contest if im from Romania?


Hi, will using kitbashing packs such as this ( for the initial design go against the originality rule?
Thanks in advance!



I would like to clarify some stuff.

The first thing is this contest is directly for 3D Artists? Based on the rules you are requiring one rendered environment, orthos and texture maps.

In case, can Concept artists join? Can we create the environment, characters, etc. with the combination of 2D paintover techniques?



So is not possible to enter the contest from Italy?


For an environment, this does not make sense to me. How about rephrasing as “Must have a minimum of 3 views from various angles” or something along those lines?


Should the entries be exclusive to this contest and not be published ever before?
And if entry is completely new, and submitted to the contest, can it be published after that,
but before winners announcement?
Thank you.


That’s what I want to know too. I’m not planning on doing proper textures for anything. And since 2D techniques for the final image are allowed this rule sounds strange.


Thank you, excellent point, we’ll revise.


Hi, we’re working on getting a firm answer on this for you. Thanks!


@romyyyyy @zafra @MaxDeAntonis @zlobnygeneral
Hello, all are welcome to participate! If you are outside of the areas listed in the Terms & Conditions you would not be eligible to win the physical prizes, but you are still eligible to win an exclusive CGSociety feature. Thanks!


Is it possible to work together? not solo.


Is kitbashing on 3d models will go against the originality rule?


Hello, where I post my work in progress? thank you.