City In The Clouds, Inga Nielsen (2D)


Title: City In The Clouds
Name: Inga Nielsen
Country: Germany
Software: Photoshop

Resolution: 6400x4800

This is a matte painting. I used Terragen to render a scene for the cliff and mountains and parts of the sky. Then I worked in Photoshop CS3 to create the cityscape and rocks and clouds and stars etc.
I often call my work Science-Fiction but this piece is one of the most Sci-Fi like images I did.

Thanks for viewing and thanks for comments!


I like your work, sailing the desert is my favorite. I do feel like you lean on the photos a little much, try getting that look through your own skill as a painter. Matt painting is more abut trying to get a backdrop for a movie that needs to look real, not a way for painters to fake some art. it bugs me when people use it as a way to avoid doing some real painting, seems kinda lazy. Paint me a nice sky and some amazing lighting without a photo pasted in there. Do something that’s 100% yours. Unless of course your working for lions gate and have only a couple of days to deliver a matt.


Nice painting indeed. I wouldn´t mind using photos or 3d as part of artwork. Whatever suits your purpose is fine. But to the picture itself: First thing that pops out is the floating part of city. It seems to be tilted towards viewer and I dont see reason why it should do that. It is located above horizon so you should be able to see underside of it. Check perspective for this one. Another thing is middle section of city, under the floating disc. High buildings would cast very long shadows in such lighting conditons. Anyway, keep up the good work.


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