Cineware for Illustrator


Ralphmce - Thanks for your help! Before responding, I decided to go through your questions first to see if I could find the issue based on what you asked. I was able to get it working. The problem was (my fault), I didn’t read where it was installing the plugin. I have the CS6 Master Suite installed, which I use regularly, and I pay month to month for CC because sometimes I may go months at a time without using those programs. (I’m still having an internal fight about using CS6 over subscription services. :)) When I reinstalled the plugin, I checked the path and it was installing to my Illustrator CS6 version, not the CC version. Once I corrected that user error, everything works. Thanks again. I appreciate it!


Well that’s a result! Glad you got it working.


I had to remove Cineware, Illustrator became instable even without using the plugin. Did anyone have the same issue? (Windows 10, Illustrator 2017.1)


Yes, same issue here using Illustrator 2017.1.0 under Windows 8.1.

Illustrator freezes at least once every hour. Cineware isn’t being used and its workspace isn’t active.

I’ve reported the issue (feedback link at the bottom of the page) :


Hi David,
I replied to your email to us but it was bounced back for some reason, so I’ll replying via this thread.

firstly thanks for taking the time to report this issue. Seeing as we have not had this reported before during the beta phase I need to ask some dull questions :

  1. Can I get the brief specs of the machine, how many CPUs, Graphics Card, do you have any non-default settings for the GPU usage in Illustrator?
  2. Can you give an idea of the kind of work you do in Illustrator, its an adaptable application and people use it in diverse ways, so you maybe you are using it in a fashion no one tested the plugin with before.
  3. If you have a ‘typical’ project that exhibited the problem, would it be possible to send us a copy? You could of course exclude any copyrighted graphics. Just somewhere to start testing this would be a huge help.
  4. Do you update Illustrator regularly?
  5. Is Illustrator run off your local C: drive or off a network drive?
    Thanks in advance and sorry you are experiencing difficulty with Cineware.

I recommend you reply directly to the Maxon email address.
Kond Regards


To anyone who is having issues with Cineware for Illustrator please do report them here :
There is a feedback button at the end of the page. One or two people have used emails we are unable to reply to, so please ensure you use a valid email address to reply to.

It is early days with Cineware for Illustrator but we are very keen to fix the issues experienced by people.
Here are some frequent issues we have come up on so far :

  1. If you get an error reporting a connection issue with the server, check your firewall / virus checker and add an exception on the port in use. You can see this under Window->Cineware->Preferences…
  2. One or two people have reported Cineware on Windows hanging when the plugin is not in use. We are having difficulty repeating this one reliably but are working on it. If you are one of the people, please use the feedback form so we can keep you updated.
  3. There have been some installer issues. We are fixing them - but in the meantime, people have frequently found that re-installing remedies the issue. Its a work around for now.

Please keep the feedback coming so we can improve this product for you all



Hi Darter,
I’ve tried to contact you via the email you used on the feedback connection, but it keeps getting bounced. I believe I have fixed the Windows hanging issue so if you could, please contact us again via the feedback link and I’ll send you a version of the plugin to test.
This goes the same for Edo75, contact us via the feedback link and I can send you a test version to ensure it is indeed fixed for the next build we release.



Hey! Tell me, is the plugin not working on windows 7? I don’t understand then: Illustrator 2017 means it works, but the plugin shouldn’t, right ?? !!