Cineware for Illustrator


Maxon Cineware for Adobe Illustrator is out. It allows loading and editing of c4d files right from within Illustrator and it is tightly integrated into Illustrators 2d workflow.

More details can be found on the Maxon website:


Wow, great stuff.


This is great, but one thing I didn’t get from the previews I’ve seen: can you render the 3D elements as vectors, or are they always rendered to pixels?


They are rendered as pixels. But Illustrator offers tools for vectorization.


as someone who makes a large part of my living from producing cgi packaging and product renders for design and branding agencies, I’m worried this will be a nail in my coffin…


That would be great if it did - there are only a couple of CAD programs, like SW Composer, that can generate vector output. They are also relatively expensive. Composer is around 5k.


Makes sense on a lot of levels but hopefully not something that requires a lot of extra time for MAXON’s team to maintain long-term. Would hardly consider it a priority or even on the same level of importance as the AE version.


The AE version is still laggy as hell but I don’t think it’s Maxon fault.


Yeah a good friend mentioned that as well. I hadn’t really thought about it until he mentioned it, but it’s a valid point for sure.


What are your reasons to suggest it isn’t Maxon’s fault?


While your thinking is understandable, innovation simply has to happen. Otherwise no part of CG anything can move forward. We’ll all get stuck with slow, expensive workflows that just won’t work well in the 2020s or 2030s.

Have you tried this new tool? Perhaps it can allow you to create product packaging work faster as well, allowing you to do more work for more clients than you’d normally be capable of?


I did sound a bit negative! The positive spin on this is that my clients might do a few more lo-end renders themselves, but that might lead to me getting more high end work from them, and as you say it might benefit me to learn how to use the tool.

I wish though Maxon would just 100% concentrate all resources on making c4d what we all want it to be…


Well, just because the bridge between the two programs is there, doesn’t mean that all of the sudden the folks in house at your client facilities become knowledgeable in C4D. I think you’ll be fine, and if anything this new bridge will possibly help speed up your workflow, meaning you’ll get paid the same for less time spent.


My thoughts exactly.


I don’t think this has any relevance at all regarding the work they are doing on c4d internally. This is a deal with Adobe, which pays for development of a feature. Which MAXON would use to hire, or use a developer internally, who is an expert at integrating C4D into other applications (that would be their only job). This has absolutely no impact at all on the development plans of C4D itself.

And the remaining funds from the deal can then be used to hire more developers and staff at MAXON to work on C4D itself. Its a win-win really.

C4D gets more exposure, more people get to learn C4D and use it in new workflows. More C4D jobs for in-house positions using C4D. Leading on to companies purchasing full editions.


At the moment, you may not have too much to worry about. I just installed the plugin, and it doesn’t seem to work. According to the quickstart videos, there should be a 3D workspace available after installation, but there isn’t. Also, the quickstart videos say that you can open or place C4D files within Illustrator, but Illustrator informs me that the format isn’t recognized. I confirmed that I’m using the latest version of illustrator CC, and I’m on the latest version of R19, but I can’t get it to work for me. Anyone else tried it?


When starting Illustrator on both Mac and Windows, I get the prompt: “Error loading plugins. cinewareforillustrator.aip”

I’m using CS6, so I figured the plugin doesn’t work with my version.


Requires minimum CC2015 so CS6 wouldn’t work, but latest CC should work fine.
If nothing shows up something probably went wrong with the installation.


I still can’t get it to work on my PC (Windows 7 - no issues with any other programs that I’m aware of). I’ve uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled it with no luck. I then uninstalled it and Illustrator CC, then reinstalled them both with no luck. It shows as installed in the control panel, and I can see in Illustrator under Windows>Extensions references to Cineware’s attributes, materials, render settings, and scene structure, but no 3D workspace and no ability to load a C4D file. Maybe I’ll uninstall both again and try again tomorrow.


Hi Ronstoppable,
let me see if I can help… Some questions and things to check :

  1. Version of Illustrator in use?
  2. Is Illustrator installed on your main disk, on Windows typically this is C:\
  3. Is it under ‘Program Files\Adobe’ etc, or have yo relocated it?
  4. During the installation process the installer says where it plans to install the MAXON CINEWARE AI folder. Can you copy that path and post it in this thread? Let’s ensure its found Illustrator where it really is.
  5. Then it has correctly placed MAXON CINEWARE AI in the Plugins folder with Illustrator, see if there is a CinewareForIllustrator.aip file and it is marked as executable. Right click and look at properties on the file.

That should tell me a great deal.
The fact that use see the menus means the CEP panel component has been installed, that’s a start. Can you see a ‘3D’ workspace under your workspace menu? Would be good to know that went in OK too.

Well get it sorted soon enough. Sorry it didn’t work straight off for you.