Cineversity Where Art Thou?


I’ve sung the praises of the folks at Cineversity on multiple occasions, but this year they have seemed strangely quiet.

We still don’t have the 2019 NAB videos edited and posted, there has been a drop off of new tutorials there and many of the awesome plugins that they created have yet to be updated for R20.

I was just looking again at the brilliant CV-SubDeformer, but its still MIA for R20. And nothing new has been added to the CV toolbox in some time.

Perhaps they are quietly working on tech or tutorials new and brilliant, but it is…curious.


Hey IceCaveMan,

Cineversity has still been posting weekly quicktips and tutorial series every couple of weeks, just as it always has. In fact, we’re now posting from a much more diverse set of authors because the new global Maxon structure allows us to more effectively pool resources from Maxon teammates around the world. Glenn and Jonas from the Product Marketing team taken the lead on weekly quicktips, while Matt and Elly from the UK team have contributed some great content as well. Thanassis and EJ have contributed some great content about Fields and Volumes.

I think the NAB Rewinds should be coming out very soon, but they’ll be posted on the CInema 4D YouTube channel rather than Cineversity, so they’ll reach a larger audience.

I haven’t been as involved or visible with Cineversity because I now have new responsibilities as part of the Product Management team that are keeping me really busy. My shift in focus closely followed Donovan leaving the team, so tools development has indeed been quiet.

And yes, CV-Subdeformer compatibility is inexcusably late. I have a Windows build ready to go, and just need to sit down at a Mac for an hour or two to finish up the compile and get it released. Hopefully I can get to that soon, because the expanded falloff capabilities of fields open up some interesting new possibilities.

Thanks for the reminder -


Hi Rick,

I very much appreciate the quick update. I imagine you are a SUPER busy man with the new role at the mother ship and it means a lot that you would still pop in here.

The info you have conveyed is exactly what I was wanting to know.

We will certainly miss Donavan and his tools and tuts, but that’s the nature of business. I guess after over fifteen years (+/-) at/around Maxon we can understand him moving on to do something else. It does seem like Maxon has less turnover than most other companies.

Since he’s gone and you have a new role it’s easy to understand why the situation is where it’s at.



NAB 2019 are posted at Maxon Youtube channel


I see that Edna Kruger is gone too. Pity. I know she wasn’t around long but she was a cool lady who knew her stuff and explained things clearly and succinctly.

I was developing a bit of a crush. Love smart ladies.


We could just put some lipstick on Athanassios?


I protest that statement… my name is spelled with ONE “S”


Athanasio it is then


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