cinema4d v10 vs. bodypaint 3d


I see that bodypaint 3d seems to be included in cinema v10, yet both run at the same price, does anyone know if the bp 3d that comes with c4d v10 is the same?

Interested in bp 3d for texturing with lightwave, but wouldn’t mind adding c4d to my toolset if either maxon product works out the same…

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C4D10 and Bodypaint3. Both of them are the same. Bodypaint3 is included with C4D10 and C4D10 is included With Bodypaint3. It really comes down to marketing. Maxon still need to market them differently. It’s very simple and very confusing;)


Cinema 4D R10 comes with the full Bodypaint and Bodypaint comes with the full core version of Cinema 4D r10 :slight_smile: So either way you get both Bodypaint and Cinema 4D. The difference is only in the content and goodies that come with both programs.



They’re the same application, just with a different badge (and different default layout, and i think a few different goodies on the extras cd’s, but I don’t know what), you cna get either and will get C4D & Bodypaint in both (and can later on add modules such as HAIR, MoGraph etc, and run C4D plugins with both).


This has been talked about a lot in the past. Take a search for Bodypaint 3 or something.

The gist of all those ones is this…

Functionality of C4D R10 wBP3 and BP3 w/C4D 10 are IDENTICAL. So whichever one you get, you will have Both R10 and BP3. The only difference with buying BP3 is that it will start in one of the BP Layouts (3D Paint or UV Edit), and BP3 will come in a Bodypaint Box while R10 comes in a Cinema 4D Box. Beyond that, I’m not sure if it comes with anything else different. But they are identical minus that little thing, so either would be fine.


Bobtronic. Snap!!:slight_smile:


Thanks for the good news and fast response!

This looks like a really good deal, getting the demo and saving up for this one…



it is a really good deal. maxon 4d and bodypaint are some of the easiest to use applications on the market. i especially love bodypaint.


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