Cinema4D devolpment questions (Thread suggestion)


My suggestion:
There’re not many sources of knowledge where C4D are going to now. Most users don’t know a roadmap or directions of C4D developing and there’re no any open sources of it. So It could be great to have a thread where devs can say what they’re developing now (if it’s not a secret) and user can ask what they wants\needs to be in C4D.
What’s your thoughts?


Maxon is not doing that. Developers (even third party) are under NDA. Everything’s secret. Forget it.

Best you may get is plugin developers talking about what they are developing for C4D, but as they probably need to protect their ideas, they may not be all that willing to share either, except shortly before release.

Personally, I would appreciate an idea thread from users about needed functionality to pull scripting and plugin ideas from. But sadly, most responders fill these kind of threads with a wish list that can only be implemented by Maxon itself (as these are core functions, like advanced symmetry), or which are too complex or expansive for single developers to implement. Outlook is hazy.


Maxon is under new management for half a year now. Make yourself heard (suggestions form or whenever you meet Maxon representatives on shows etc.) and ask the to revisit this policy.
David is definitly doing many things different than the old management, why not this as well?


Is there actually ANY chance for that? I remember that this policy had been questioned by users for years now, and I have long since given up hope that anything will change.


They show secrets in house

Hope it’s a good sign for future C4D development.


Just saw this thread. I happily tweet about what I am up to.

Get it for free from here:

DICOM Volume Importer

UV Mapping

Moana Island Scene Importer

And lots more little features are in the works.

If anyone has an suggestions for any plugins, features, or wants any OpenSource licenced code integrated into C4D then feel free to message me directly or post in this thread.



Hello Kent
All are awesome!

I touched Pixar USD resently and your Moana Island Importer reminds me usd view or dcc’s integrations(Maya, Houdini) workflow. That’s cool!