short question about the default setup of the mixamo template:

when creating a character with the Mixamo Control Rig preset within the Character builder, the IK arm controllers are influenced/ parented to the mover/ pelvis control by default. This setup makes the IK controller pretty unusable, because the hand does not stay in place when moving the pelvis control like it is supposed to. It is for example impossible to have the character put one hand on a wall while moving his pelvis, as the control is constantly moving in place and has to be reset each frame. Constraints also don’t seem to work as the hand control is not set to world space location.

I could not find a solution for this and it strikes me as rather odd to have this as the default, as the Quadruped template for example does not have this problem. Am I missing something?


Make sure to view the controllers of the rig in the object manager. Then use “RightHand_IK_con+” and “LeftHand_IK_con+” to constraint to other objects outside the character hierarchy.


Thanks! It works for me, but strangely enough only with the Cactus Dan constraint - the standard C4D one gives me strange priority issues. Thanks for you help!