Cinema Newbie transitioning from Daz Studio (Very wordy. More questions to be asked in the future)


Yeah I just paid the $5 and am looking around on it more. I’m not sure where I should start to make a post on there, but I’ll try on there.


Well I put up a similar post on C4d. Guess I’ll give it a few days and see if anyone responds. If not I’ll just upload the file on here and if peeps can find the issue great. I don’t really wanna learn Maya so I’ll hold off on that for now and just check Blender videos in the meantime while still tackling Cinema.


did you add a file there? I can’t see the problem getting solved without a file


Like on here I wrote that if asked for I’ll provide the file. Well in an update to things while I can’t figure out the Daz to Cinema bridge auto IK issue I did realize my error when using IK Max. I can bind clothing(tho I wish they had an underwear option) with it so I just have to work make some adjustments with the IK and I can use that IK rigging to continue my projects and avoid the rotation error. My dashboard/taskbar was blocking the buttons off so I never paid attention to them.


…and 10 months later, Sorry for the necropost
But I moved to a Blender/Daz/Iclone pipeline years ago.