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Hey All,

I’ve been trying to bring in a simple 3d model to align with my scene in After Effects.
I want the object to emit particles in Trapcode Particular.

However, AE and Particular don’t want to play ball when I import my .Obj file, exported from C4d.

I can’t seem to get my 3d object to align in 3d camera space in AE.

My scene imports fine (I use an .aec file) with animated camera etc.
I’ve also tried Cineware but I find it a bit buggy.

Does anyone know of a good video that goes through the steps? I’ve searched with no luck.



Did you zero out your camera coordinates after bringing it in to AE?


Do I need to!? :slight_smile:


It has worked for me in the past.


Tried zeroing out the position coordinates of the camera in AE.

But when I import my 3d model in Particular it’s still not coming into the correct position?


How do I zero out my camera if it’s baked keyframes?


Well I’m not really an AE guy but in the past when I’ve had this issue I would open the camera properties in the AE layer and zero out the PSR coordinates…it usually did the trick.

Correction - try to zero out the object properties, not the camera.



That plugin look awesome. However, my issue isn’t with importing the C4d info into AE. The .aec file seems to do that fine. The problem I have is aligning the 3d object from my scene to match it’s position in AE using Trapcode Particular. Not sure this plugin will help me there.


-Put a null in your c4d scene that will serve as your emitter source. Position/animate to taste.

-Create c4d camera in c4d scene and frame/animate to taste.


-In AE parent your Trapcode emitter to that null

-Make sure your AE scene and relevant layers are 3d.

-In AE Make sure your camera is same–or is parented to c4d scene camera.


You can also just import the .c4d file into Trapcode