Cinema 4d exporting issue


Hello, Is there any way inside Cinema 4D to export to FBX, .3ds, obj, .stl, without losing the original Cinema 4D Projects structure? I mean If someone opens my original model on Blender, 3D Max, for example, using any of those formats I exported from Cinema 4D, he or she would visualize the same model I see in Cinema 4D and have the same render results I do have in Cinema 4D? I do not use any special render, just effects (Subdvision Surface, Symmetry, Extrude, Bend, Smoothing, Wrap), textures and materials created in my original Cinema 4D Project. Thank you very much, hugs.


Hi Danielle,

At the moment there isn’t a seamless way to get a standard C4D project from C4D into another DCC (Blender, Maya, etc) without some data loss. Different formats excel at different things, but in general:

  • Simple static scenes without animation will transfer more smoothly than animated scenes that make extensive use of character rigs, MoGraph, and particle effects.
  • You’ll have the best luck exporting materials if you use the Standard material type and stick to image-based textures. Procedural shaders won’t easily transfer without first baking.
  • Single materials applied to objects will transfer better than layered materials with different texture projections.

This may not be 100% accurate, but I’d recommend:

  • FBX: For transferring animated characters/cameras etc. C4D has pretty robust support for this format and if you’re exchanging with a program that also uses it, this is probably your best bet.
  • Alembic: If your geometry absolutely must match 1:1 frame to frame. This converts your entire scene to polygons every frame and then exports just that. You’ll likely have to rebuild all of your materials on the other end.
  • OBJ: This is one of the oldest file formats around, so you’ll have good luck getting something out of C4D and into just about any 3D program with this. That said, the format is implemented differently in different software so things may come in flipped - you definitely won’t be getting complex hierarchies or rigs through with this.
  • ORBX: I’ve never done this, but if you use Octane renderer it pre-converts your scene into a format it understands to render, and I believe you can transfer these ORBX files into other software and get a 1:1 visual match.

Best of luck!



Hi Donovan, Thank you so much for your answer and tips, I will follow your steps to get those projects exported. My best Always :wink: