Christy Tortland_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Woo! I’m very excited for this!!


A little late posting on day 1 - but here’s my first entry!!


Cool inks christytortland!


very nice sketch!


Thank you both for your kind words!! Here’s a super quick sketch for entry #2: Bayek from my current obsession AC Origins.


I’m a big fan of AC :slight_smile: Loved it!
But i still haven’t tried Origins…


Thank you! It’s definitely one of the best AC games yet!

Here’s entry #3! I can never draw enough Wonder Woman…


Wonderful uses of dark tones and shading. It makes them look very dramatic. I especially like the design of the first one, she was looking really interesting.


Even this skectchy you can definitely see the actress face. You got her expression very well


Thank you both! Here’s entry 4: Rey! I think I’ll be doing a SW theme for the rest of the month, for the Last Jedi, but we’ll see! #drawcember #madewithwacom


Bad news for us that aren’t following the “wacom list” seems we will be forced to follow. Go see the last update of the FAQ Thread.
Btw, cool Rey :slight_smile:


You have very good character drawings!


Continuing the SW theme, which may end up just being strong women theme… we’ll see!


Princess Leia Organa.
Cool drawing :slight_smile:


Thank you @POSEIdOON! :slight_smile:

I guess we’re going with strong women theme? Here’s Dany! This one was a challenge… really want to improve on hair!


I’m liking so much your portraits that I’m going to suggest one strong woman.
Lagertha, from the Vikings, you ever tried her?


Very nice framing and the angle for the character…, and hair :slight_smile:


Thank you both!! And yes, I’ve drawn Lagertha quite a few times in the past :slight_smile: I actually got to meet her at comiccon! She’s super sweet.

Apparently it’s strong kickass ladies month :slight_smile: … Sorry, Bayek! Senu counts…


Today’s #drawcember – the one and only Hermione!


Yeah, Ladies Month! These are great! I especially like Hermoine and Wonderwoman. And the AC Origins sketch(but I think it’s because I have a soft spot for Senu the bird :D)