Christmas gift by Taron


Vervette on Line

It’s not solid painting! :slight_smile:

Taron is the creator of Verve!

Have fun! :sunglasses:


What a fun! :sweat_smile:


You can take an image for light and texture the moving brush! :sunglasses:

Losted in an chocolate univers! :slight_smile:


Mouse Wheel zoom permits to have all the screen in a glance! :slight_smile:



It looks very amusing.




Looks very nice, it’s a great idea to choose the gift which will be highly appreciated by recipients. Next week will be my granny’s birthday, and I want to buy a gift that will impress her. I found an interesting gift shop with wide choice of original gifts, such as home decor, and glassware for any taste and budget. Frankly speaking, I can’t even choose a gift in this shop, such an embarrassment of riches!


This is so much fun!