Choose your TIME


jgoble - thanks a lot

Whole character is mapped. There are five UV maps and several UDIMs as you can see. MODO’s 801 mapping enhancements are great for UDIMs especially.



Very quick skin test. I have skin color textures painted in MARI. I just plugged them into skin shader with default settings (only spec was decreased), added two lights and this is the result (slight CC in Photoshop). MODO skin is pretty amazing!! Can’t wait to see it with proper spec and displace map. Btw it’s in 5000px height, which will be final result resolution, I hope. Skin detail is sufficient :slight_smile: I’m really happy about this test.


Respect :slight_smile:



I’m really sorry for lack of updates. I had a lot to do and I had no time post anything :smiley: but know it’s ready to render. Tomorrow I’ll post final piece. 5K render is coming :slight_smile:


I look forward to. :wink:


This is my final entry for TIME challenge.

Be sure to check full 5000px resolution here:

I think that in 2055, when our TIME machine will be made, time travelling will aim to entertainment industry. People will be bored by movies and they will want something more. So The Foundry will decide to give people next level of entertainment.

Because of that, I think advertisement should follow this concept, where actual TIME machine is not important. What is important is the experience. I tried to show that you can enjoy your stay in past or future, it’s up to you. Choose your TIME.

As for creation process, I started in ZBrush where I sculpted hero’s body from simple cube. Then I moved to MODO for retopology, props modeling, mapping, rigging. Texturing was done in MARI and for sure shading, lighting, rendering in MODO. Composition is NUKE stuff. Obviously MODO was my core 3d app, as it is for all my projects.

I hope you’ll like it :slight_smile: it was honor and fun to be part of this challenge.


Also check separated image halves :wink:

full resolution here



Came out amazing. When is the film coming out? :thumbsup:


jgoble: Summer 2055 :smiley: :smiley: thanks man


Great job man … :thumbsup: