Chola W.I.P


Sup Y’all!

Im currently taking Adam Skutt’s class at CGMA, which is awesome BTW. Check out my current progress, just now starting to sculpt the clothing. Any feedback on anything is always more than welcome


Looking forward to comparing those lens shots;) keep up the good work!


Biggest issue I am seeing is the crotch. I’m sure you are planning to break up that symmetry and IMO tone the wrinkles a bit down there. The front of the shirt just below the breast also has a bit of a weird fall to it. For a better look I’d bring it in close to the skin like the rest of the shirt and add a hem line so it looks like a fitted wife beater. Or if she’s wearing her man’s gear, fray the bottom edge to make it appear as a cut off…

Otherwise looking damn decent!


Thanks for the feedback @jeffkittell, the crotch area always keep bothering me, and I would just keep working on other things, I sat down last night and worked on it a bit, tried smoothing it out a bit, I also reworked on how the shirt hangs beneath the breast. I like your idea of some fray on the bottom, I’ll Play with that next time I sit down to work on it


Loads more appeal there man. I think the main issue was that it was so symmetrical and symmetry rarely exists outside our perception. and fantasy. Keep plugging away can’t wait to see her with a pose and some materials. :slight_smile:


I’ve been spending some time retopo’ing and doing some texture tests. I will add some more loops to the face to avoid some faceting that im having, and I still need to work on the albedo and roughness maps, but progressing along slowly


I took a couple steps back and reworked some areas that had some faceting, rebaked the head textures and finished baking the rest of the character. Set up my hair cards, but I’m not super sold on how they look as of yet, so I will give it another pass after textures.


first pass on texturing, skin is still very WIP at the moment, its mainly the export from mari, with no real paint overs. Once the skin is in a good spot, ill start adding tattoos


First post of the new year! Happy New Years y’all. I’ve been spending some more time texturing. Heres the current progress. The tattoos were images I found online, which I then added some color to


hey guys, need a break from the character, so I made a prop for her. Downloaded a basemesh from turbosquid and reworked the topology, baked, textured, etc. Still tweaking the materials and textures a bit


starting to wrap up this project, working on adding more loops to the hair to get rid of the faceting, and then tweaking my skin shader some more. Also plan on doing some small lighting adjustments


calling it done!

more renders on my art station