Check out my portfolio


Hello everyone! I am pretty new here. I can obviously see this place is packed with talent. I’d like you to check out my portfolio and tell me what you think. Critiques are more than welcome :slight_smile:


Nice work! The only annoying thing is the music… sounds like a cheap MIDI song (sorry).


Please read the forum rules before posting, it probably wasn’t intentional but… anyways, i nice portfolio :wink:


Nice work, but the button animations leave something to be desired. Here’s a couple examples of sites that have some really nice buttons/site design on them that might give you some ideas; , and . Although you’d wanna give yours a lighter feel to it.


The first thing that jumped at me was that it seemed to me as if your menu buttons were inverted… when I wanted to scroll left, it went to the right.

Maybe it’s just me though, but if I’m controlling the panning; I believe the content should be nudged in the opposite direction as the button pressed (like one moving a camera)… no?

And I agree, the music clip sounds like a Midi…



I see no problem, myself, with the buttons.
edit note
Now I see what was meant for the buttons actions being inverted as mentioned by DBolivar. But, I think that is something minor and is based on taste of how a scroll should perform. It did confuse me at first, since alot of scrolling galleries show the image in which the arrow is pointing (ie: if I happen to click left, then an image will begin to appear on the left; therefore, scrolling right).
end edit

The music, sure, it has a midi sound to it. But, that isn’t bothering me. What I have an issue with is the score. I think it should be more on the lines of children’s music themed. It’s too jazzy when you have an interface and design work that’s more directed to a child’s taste. I feel like drinking a cup of joe and not a cup of milk.

Though the site is not to my taste, the presentation is great. If you need a client that you wish to work for on contract, I may have someone in mind for you, based out of Tennesee, USA. I turned it down because I’m not quick on designing the criteria of children’s Flash animation educational interfaces. But, you seem like a shoe-in. Contact me through my profile if interested.


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