check if a object has a animation?


Is there a way to check if an object hat a key frame animation on any controllers?

How to check if there is animation on an object?
How can I know the type of animation key using MXS?

From Maxscript help:

<node>.pos.isAnimated : Boolean, read-only --true if position is animated

<node>.rotation.isAnimated : Boolean, read-only --true if rotation is animated

<node>.scale.isAnimated : Boolean, read-only --true if scale is animated

All animatable properties in 3ds Max objects let you reference several controller-related sub-properties. These are:


A boolean indicating whether the property is animated.

Hope this helps


and for a more global check:




If both are undefined then there are no keys on the trackbar, which means no animation for the selected object.

This will not work for network rendering and such (need the GUI) and doesn’t account for trackbar filters but might work in your situation :slight_smile:


I am not sure how to use this for a specific object ?


the whole thread is about that:


Yes, this is the problem… But now i have a complete other solution :wink: Anyway thanks for the link…


and what your complete other solution is?


Nothing related to “has obj animation keys”, sorry.


ok… complete other means completely different. :slight_smile:


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