Characters: Dogwaffle-Mania


Hi guys,

here some work I did with the newest version of project dogwaffle (version 2.1)
Hope you like it.

Just scanned line drawings, then colored with dogwaffle. Dan Ritchie rocks!



Great stuff.

Like the first one, wouldnt mind seeing what type of body he would have.

Like the rest too nice cartoony look and pencil lines. Good paint work on the first fish too.

Dont like the cat, not sure even why so is probably pointless saying so, there is just something about it i dont like.

Overall nice stuff and is good to see someone using Dogwaffle and not painter/photoshop.
You should try Gimp 2.0 just as good as photoshop (almost) but is free!!


Thanks for your comments titmarlau…yeah the cat…you won’t believe it but my cat looks in that way when she is angry…:-)))




Thanks for posting. Nice drawings, I love the cat, but the first drawing is the best of the lot IMO. It has a great natural feel to it.

I had not heard of Dogwaffle before, but I downloaded the free version and have given it a spin. I am impressed, very sweet program. Is the full version different enough from the free version to justify? I will probably pick it up anyway just to support Dan’s work, but I am curious what the differences are.



I really like your style. The first pic doesn’t do anything for me because I feel like I’ve seen his type before. I like the animals because they’re unique looking and they’ve got lots of personality. I love the cat pirate. I prefer the purple fish since he’s so obviously sinister. The other fish looks more like an illustration (piranha?). The bee hands are great, but he needs a pair of legs and feet. What are your intentions for these creatures?


Bil > Thanks for your comment. The “commercial” version is different from the free version…just check out the dogwaffle homepage (have no complete fact sheet what’s different).
For me it’s the way dogwaffle behaves…it’s close to the way I draw my “analog” pictures.

Ilikesoup > Thanks to you too. Most of my time I have to model in 3D. But in fact I was “born” as an illustrator. So in my spare free time I like to draw. Most of the pictures “happen” while watching TV…so no special ideas behind that creatures. You can see more wired creatures on my webside



I saw two of your drawings (the cat one and that cartoon pirahna good work :thumbsup: ) when I downloaded a copy of dogwaffle to try out, it’s a pretty decent program, alot more fun than paper…it sucks using a mouse and it sucks being on night shift… can’t wait to get back home, pop’s went out and picked up a tablet for me to draw with… I’m not supposed to know but he he some little birds have really big mouths !



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