Character/scene : Chaos Warrior


Hi !

Wooooo ! Finally a finished work from me ! I’m happy !:bounce:

So, this is an illustration I’ve just done for a drawing contest in french White Dwarf.
I didn’t really knew what to do, and finally found some ideas last week-end, so I just spend the last 5 days painting it day and night, or maybe night and day, and I’m not even sure I sent it in time but anyway, I’ve at least won some proudness in myself :thumbsup: (that’s important, hey^^).

I’m quite proud cuz’ this is my very first real illustration, done from A to Z (I usually stops at mmh… G ? lol). I already used the wacom for a few maps or other work but I never did a whole artwork.

About the artwork.
Well, it’s sketch by hand on paper, then scan and everything is done in Photoshop.
The guy is Vardek Crom, one of the Games Workshop character for this summer worldwide campaign blablablah. As you can see he’s a really nice guy who only needs a two-hand sword, an axe, and a human-sized shield :stuck_out_tongue: Personnally I would choose a rocket-launcher, but I feel like i’m in the wrong universe…
The ‘gurine’s got a copper armour, which was not the easiest thing to do for a first real artwork, but I think it turned out quite good.
He hasn’t the same head as on the illus’ on the link, in fact I painted the head of a metal genius which I’m a big fan of : Devin Townsend (he’s bald on top but has long hair, quite a weird haircut but it’s part of the artist, and fits a chaos warrior really well IMO^^ I don’t know if “advertising” is authorised here, I’ve seen nothing in the rules, but check out his music, he’s got a great vocal range, can sing loud, quite, clear, scream, composes some of the most brutal metal as well as mellow songs and beautiful melodies…)

The composition of the pic changed a few times, like 4-5 times in 2 days (Ôo) cuz’ what looked cool and dynamic on the quick sketch didn’t turned so cool and dynamic with colors.
I had a hard time to find what to put in the background, like a high hill with the outline of the army on top of it, etcetc, but wasn’t well readable.
It should’ve been slashing guys, that’s why he looks downward, but finally he’s ready to run down the hill.
I didn’t felt ready to paint 50 others warrios in one day, so I did it this way, only black outline, a bit like in the manga BLAME (well just a bit…).
I’m not totally happy with the smoke/dust, but it could be worse, I also saved the lightning from the early stages, cuz’ it was quite neutral and dreary.

Oh and thanks to Pietrix for some advices/suggestions^^.

Well I ike to practice my english on boards and am talking a bit too much^^
It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with it, hope you like it !

Don’t hesitate to tell everything you find wrong^^

(I hope the picture is ok, my screen is a bit crappy in the dark shades :/)


wow no comments here? what a shame !!

i will not speak too muche because you know what i’m thinking about it, so i just came to put a message in your thread, hope it will give some idea for other memebers here

nice work guy !!


Yeah !!

Will is waking up guys !!! :bounce:

Cool picture, Details are there and the whole picture have a really nice mood.
Nice job about the colours too.

My only crits after reflexion : a better composition and lighting can give more ?“prestance”? to the central guy.
This picture have a bloody potential !!

Anyway, Really nice job! :buttrock:



I think you really captured the mood they look for in their illustrations. I would either add some of the light source on the guys in the background (it looks a bit weird with them as silhouettes) or add some rays of light to suggest that the sun is only illuminating Vardek.

Great one!!


Yeah Gag, not much comments here :shrug:
So thanks to you three !
It surely is not perfect, but yet not so bad :wink: (well I hope^^^)

Yup’ Cloudmover, the background with guys as silhouette is a bit weird, it doesn’t really fit with the supposed lighting of the scene but I was really short on time and could not find another trick for a better background^^.

Rays of light could be a good solution, but on the other hand rays of light suit good characters better I think :hmm:
Well, maybe I could edit it now and add some details on those guys, but not too much or the main character will be lost in the BG.


Mate thats awsome! well done. u’ve captured the evil power nicely.


Thanks Desemondo^^

I just realized I created my topic in the old gallery… :rolleyes:

Now I think I know why I thought there was not much people browsing this gallery. For a while I thought it was due to the time offset between France and the US…

In fact it was due to the time offset between the world moving on and my brain :smiley:

Feel stupid :shrug:^^


Super super super !!
Great work !!!
Bien joué !


I can’t believe i haven’t commented on this yet. I love it. It’s utterly amazing. The clouds add to the chaos. Almost looks like the good and bad forces are fighting in the winds. Those that you can’t see. Very nice job done here. Congrats!


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