Character: Ichi the Killer (low-poly)


This was originally done as an entry for Game Art Competion # 6 in the gameart section, well I couldn’t finish it in time and it’s been awhile now, but it’s finally done. I’ve gotten some good feedback from the usual suspects there, so I’m broadening it to the finished gallery.

It’s 3300 triangles. 2- 512x512 texture maps. You might not be familiar with this character, he’s the lead character of a violent Japanese movie. He’s a tough guy, but not muscular, he’s awfully feminine in his attire and looks. So he purposely looks girly.

Here is the movie character:

Here is mine:

Mouth open


You did a pretty decent job here, but i think the rings in his mouth are too big and slender. Keep it up


That’s wicked man, don’t see enough stuff from this kick ass movie. I’d like to see an animation of cigarette smoke being blown out of the sides of his mouth like the movie, that was bad ass.


A very nice model although I think it needs some work in the shoulder areas they look small and disjointed at the moment. The rest of the model looks good the hands in particular.

The texturing has a good style but the detail is a little small and washed out. I wonder if you could spend a polys on some buttons that stick out :slight_smile:

Very nice effort though and a great representation of the character portrayed in the picture.


Had to chime in and say that this looks great. I do agree with rounding out the shoulders a bit more. The face/hands texture is really nicely done. I would like to see a few more poses, and perhaps a full body shot.



Some nice low pol there, I was wonder what software you used for the real time scene…I noticed that your characters hand cast shadows on his body…was that done real time or with baked textures? …

regards from the Northern Climes of Scandinavia



Nice job of making the character from a great Takashi Miike flick. You should make Ichi’s character and animate the battle that never took place in the movie.


frank/matt: Yeah, there are a bunch of areas that could use more polys, but the idea was to keep it under the limit. I might be able to make 1 more cut for the shoulders, hopefully without disturbing the UVs.

Emporio: it was all done in maya. The light is just an ambient light with shadows turned on. So it wasn’t rendered IN an engine, but had it been it would look most likely just like that. I like to make my game model renders realistic, I don’t really believe in glamour renders for game models.

I will post a full boy render later when I have access to it.


his name is not Ichi, forgot his name :\ Nice work. Ok movie.


yeah he’s not ichi the killer he’s another guy, nice model though


Here is the full body render for you guys, sorry about the delay, this new format threw me off :wink:

The comment about the button being seperate polygons is very valid. I will consider it furthur. I didn’t do it initially because I wanted to cut polys. And making cylinders adds a bunch, and I didn’t want them to be crappy square buttons.


concur - this guy is called Kakihara or something to that effect. Ichi the Killer is the weirdo in the frogsuit who’s crying all the time.

in Neil’s defense he only said this was a “lead character from the film” not Ichi himself.

with regard to the pose of Kakihara (sic) it looks a bit weak, as if he’s an old man trying to conduct an amateur band, not a killer with ‘wiry strength’ about to plunge that steel spike into your cheekbone.

work on the pose, the model’s fine (apart from the side parting (based on your reference image) should be more of a centre parting) - some of your stomach weighting is a little off and the right hand is folding in the little finger area.

I wish somebody would do that character out of that other top-shelf Miike film AUDITION. Fausto/Stahlberg in 3D? or maybe Chain_Jane in 2D?


Nice work on Kakihara! Cool to see a 3d model of him, specially since he was born in a manga :wink:

I also agree, some Audition models would be great!


quite good model, but
this is ichi

and this is kakihara


Haha, great idea! would love to play as your model in gta, UT or something like that!


phb: that is correct. and I am aware of that. I named the thread after the title of the movie and not necessarily the title of the character. Kakihara is 100x more interesting than Ichi, so that is why I did him instead.
It seems like the naming of my thread has become the biggest point of comment so far :slight_smile:


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