character drawing for absolute beginner


Hi everyone,

I am new here and kind of lost! :cry: I need directions and guidelines from you good people.
I like drawing and love seeing those many amazing, awesome digital paintings you guys are producing.
I have drawn before but not that level. Well my level is kind of kiddish :rolleyes: you can say it Zeroth Level. :shrug:

I want to learn digital painting but I think for that I need to first start on paper.
But I need guidelines here. My main focus is on character drawing and sketching. I have come across so many tutorials on character drawing, figure drawing, anatomy, essentials, basics, etc etc, its kind of confusing for me on where to Start and what to follow?
I need to follow real bottom to top approach here. Like simple essentials from how to hold a pencil while drawing to more advance like gestures/anatomy.

I have spend last few days on deciding which teacher or source I should go first like vilppu, proko or new masters academy and other.

Cannot decide. Can you guys guide me through the order or the sources I should go first and what to follow??

Thank you. Love ya all!! :slight_smile: :love:


It seems to me that some things (such as colouring) are more difficult in paper, so, after getting on with it, you’ll have more profound skill and it will be easier for you to work with digital art.
In the very starters, it may be useful have an overall imagination of your scenes and characters. Personally I used tutorials like this: Then it comes to the basics of anatomy, which can be got at such services as Drawmanga, and the more realistic approach can be drawn from natural models - taking real people and objects and drawing them from different perspectives…